Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where did June GO?

Hello everyone, I am so sorry that it has been so long. Sometimes life just takes over and before you know it, a month is gone out of your life. As many of you know my sister in law Kelly Clever died in June she was 44 years old and suffered her whole life with muscular dystrophy. My life's believes where changed by her existence. She always had a kind word and thought that life was a gift no matter how damaged the package was. We all could learn a lesson from her. I will continue to miss her greatly.. On a brighter note... The surgery on my hand went well and I am proudly typing this with one hand Not bad huh!!!Eight more weeks and we will see if I can still sew YEA. The store has been busy redecorating the shop for the summer and planning what will be happening this fall, there will be some surprises! New fabric has arrived from Jo Morton and some new things from Moda, Pictures shown. I will try my best to keep you better informed. Thanks for understanding.


  1. I am so sorry about your sister in law. You are in my prayers.

    Love your blog. I visited your shop with our guild last year and can't wait to make a trip back. It was our favorite shop on our bus trip. Geri

  2. Hope the garage sale is going well...wish I could have made it today...but will try to make it one of the next two saturdays..
    Post some pics of your classes? Dianntha