Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Fest

Wow, What a weekend! We had such good response to the first holiday event that "Quilt Spree" has hosted. There were all ten shops represented, and each gave a wonderful demo on a quick holiday gift idea. Everything from birds, purses and table runners to items of convenience to make your projects easier to do. I will post a couple of pics of our retail booth. We took a mini shop with us, but packing it up to come home felt more like we took the whole shop! Each shop had their own area to sell their wares, and boy did we sell! Yea! Now we can order new stuff, are we addicted or what. Oh well it's not illegal or immoral!!! Now for the BIG news. All off the bolt yardage will be, are you ready........ 30% off from Dec. 8 thru Dec.24 2009! Merry Christmas! There will be 1 yard minimum cuts. No holds.We will be closing on Dec. 24 and reopening on Jan. 5 2010 regular hours. Now is that exciting news or what! have a good week. Laura

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