Monday, August 30, 2010

yes, more hexies

I've been a bit under the weather for the past week or so, and have been quiet.  But not totally non-productive!  As proof, I give you the Black Eyed Susans Table Runner. 
And if that's not enough, I give you:
lots of stars for the stars and bars quilt in the Comfort Inn book.  Unfortunately, not enough stars.  I need something like 160.  I have all the background blocks cut, but need to mark and cut some more stars. Yes, I have lost my mind--I mean what was I thinking?  Well, that assumes I was thinking, now, doesn't it?   But I'm having fun and it's do-able.  I just can't think about all the ones I have to do yet.  But for this one there's no deadline. 
I didn't make it into the shop last week, so I can't wait for Wednesday!  It's like Christmas without the bills.  I'm sure there's all kinds of decorating going on for the Open House.  I'll post a few on Thursday to whet your appetites! 
the other linda

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  1. That sure is a lovely table runner!! Love those colors!

    Your stars are coming right along. Nice!

    Hope you're feeling better .