Sunday, October 10, 2010

Welcome Fall

Do we not live in the most beautiful place in the fall?  Today is 10/10/10 ! Wow! It is a ten of a day for sure.  The leaves are just gorgeous and the sun is unbelievable.  Fall is by favorite season. I have always loved the way the colors of fall play together.  As a quilter it is a good season to take a look at the colors of nature and see how all colors looks good together.  Some times we get so hung up in the the picking of fabrics we forget this is supposed to be fun. Here at the shop we are all busy sewing up new and exciting things for our annual Christmas Open House,"A Homestead Christmas" is our theme this year and we will be hosting our celebration on the first weekend of November.  We are excited to share our finds with you.
Melanie's daughter, Abagail, was the junior attendant for the River Valley homecoming this year.  Jacquline, Cindy's daughter started at Ohio State so did Melanie's son Heath. It has been a busy fall.  Linda's husband Jerry has had some medical issues so she has been very busy with him. Hopefully he  is on the road to recovery! Sometimes we just need to take some time for ourselves, stitch a little, read a little or just sit in the sunshine and revel in what we are blessed to have!
Hope to see you soon!

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