Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas Open House preview

I know this is late getting out, but I've had a nasty cold, like most of the rest of the population, but I can see through the fog now.  Anyway, this Friday and Saturday, Nov 5 & 6, is our Christmas Holiday Open House.  This is a teaser for one of the new projects we've been working on.  It's a true group project. And my computer keeps saying that there's an error on the page, so I can't down load any pix right now.  But, imagine this.....................
                                          Blue-a nice powder wedgewood blue------
                                          Green- a nice light pine--it makes you smell the needles
                                           Red-a good candy-cane red-pepperminty
                                           Black--nice and rich--a snowman's coal nose?
                                           Cream-the smooth kind that's in a nice caramel latte................
                               Little snips of orange, beige, brown scattered here and there.
                                                 Our version of Christmas, that's useable year round. (Makes ya want to come see it doesn't it?)   And other smaller projects, too!  Kits are cut, but come early.

We also have a BIG shipment of Jo Morton fabric that Cindy's been waiting for--all the back orders came in at once!!!

Tom Hindes will be here on Sat., the 6th.  He carves Noah's Arks, pins and other gift items.  We all want something unique, and he's got it.

We've been trying to get Cindy to model the long red Christmas stockings, but she just won't cooperate.

And we'll have munchies you can try, and even buy some to take home and help you get in the holiday mood.  It is November already, people.  It's now or never to get started!  We'll have pix in next week to show you what you missed.  So if you don't want to say, "Oh, I missed it!" ,  get in here tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday from 10-5 (yes, we're open this Saturday til 5!!) so you can be part of the news, instead of just reading it.

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  1. I really hope you get to feeling better. It's no fun having the dreaded cold.

    So glad to know that you have a big shipment of Jo Morton fabric! I love everything Jo Morton!

    I use Inklingo too and love it!!