Thursday, January 27, 2011

Candy Hearts and Red & Green

Except for the binding which Mel & Linda are working on today, the Candy Hearts Quilt is done.  
                               The kits are cut, and the patterns should be ready later today.  Yippee!  I'll tell you a little secret --Linda thinks she put the wrong backing fabric on it, and we looked at it yesterday and decided that the centers of the hearts would be a great place to embroider those sayings from the Valentine candy hearts, or things about a new baby!  Hindsite is 20/20.
Check out what Angie Martin brought in for show and tell yesterday:
She needed a large tote that she could put lots of things in as she went about her job of loyal Mail Carrier. (In this weather, you've got to be loyal or you wouldn't show up!) And look at those straps!  You know how hand made straps are usually too puffy or too winpy or too stiff?  Angie solved the problem by covering a pre-made webbing strap with her own fabric and doing this killer embroidery on it! 
Excellent, Angie!

We also got in a new book from Kathleen Tracy--the lady that did Remembering Adelia---called The Civil War Sewing Circle.  Come in and check it out!  I know you're all are waiting for the sale to start Saturday, but you might want to pick up the book and plan a project from it and get the fabric on sale, and pick up a  Candy Heart kit before they're all gone.  I don't think we'll be cutting that puppy again.

We've also been hard at work getting the first part of our Red and Green Mystery Quilt, for the second edition of our Red and Green quilt, done.  (My grammer is getting better and better--not.)  Here's a picture of part one:
  We hope to have
Part 1 kitted up by early February, then have Part 2 by the end of May, then Part 3 over the summer, so you'll have plenty of time to get it done!  Just so you know, there will be 12 blocks of part 1--yes, all like this, part 2 is a center medallion applique piece and part 3 is a border around the applique.  Yes, it's an adaptation of an old baby quilt.  It finishes at 40" x 40"---disclaimer: the dates and the position of the leaves are subject to change.
And one more item for this post:  For those of you who enjoyed doing the Concentric Square table topper for the holidays, we're re-kitting it for Spring.  Yes, we actually have lovely spring colors in all this reproduction fabric.  We'll be getting more books in for those of you who missed it the first time: 
Jo Morton's Small Quilts with Vintage Charm.  We'll let you know when it's ready.
I think that's all for now--more soon!
the other Linda

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  1. Oh that is a very sweet, sweet quilt. I love all of those fabric choices.