Monday, June 27, 2011

doll quilts, summer spree and stuff

Hadn't realized we hadn't posted anything for so long.  So sorry.  It just means we've been terribly busy.  Now that Summer is here (what happened to spring?   oh, yeah, it rained.)  we're rapidly getting ready for the Summer Shop Spree.  If you haven't gotten your passport, stop by and get it from us and be eligible for a $100 GC from Good Wives Co, and you'll get an additional free pattern.

     In addition to the patterns included in the passport packet and our free one, we've got at least 4 other new things we've been developing just for summer.  Trust me, you can't wait!
      And that's in addition to the new doll quilts:
And some of us have gotten carried away and are doing Lori Smith Fit to Frames.
The other linda went to NQA and found a few interesting things that we'll be getting in over the next couple of months, and offering classes, too.  
If you're not getting our class emails and notices, be sure we have a current email.  Occassionally the person copying them over to the computer mis-types or mis-reads one and we lose you.  You can call us and we'll add you again.
   Thanks for stopping by, and we'll try to update a tad more frequently. 
the other linda

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