Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Bountiful Life

If you love applique,
then you'll want to put this book on your list of "must haves":
 A Bountiful Life by Karen Mowery
Karen, the author, writes:
"A Bountiful Life is an adaptation pattern
of the Bird of Paradise quilt top in the collection of the American Folk Art Museum."

Stop in the shop for a visit -
and you can ogle the book along with us!

It really is a beautiful book...
and we are mulling over the idea
of whether or not
one of us here at the shop
wants to start this project of a lifetime....


  1. Hi, author Karen here! Oh, I hope you do start the quilt! Thank you for mentioning the book.

    1. Karen - we all LOVE the book! That quilt is just beautiful and we love all of your work and the groom block! We are thinking of hosting a group of gals that all want to work on the project- maybe a monthly gathering...
      We'll let you know! Thanks for the great full-sized templates/patterns - we're counting all of the leaves :)
      Thanks for stopping by - the gals of Good Wives Co

    2. This is wonderful! I hope your group does beautifully. Lotsa leaves in the quilt :-).

  2. It's a wonderful book and the pattern is excellent. I love the fact that the templates are full size.
    I stitched one of the blocks and one border for the author's quilt and her pattern was a joy to work with. Now I need to start my own quilt from the patterns.

    1. Hi, MJ! We totally agree with you on the great book and pattern. And so exciting to get to help with such a awesome quilt. Let us know when you get going on your own and share some pics! Happy Stitching!