Thursday, March 8, 2012

Everything Old is New Again....Thank Goodness!!!

      The post title has double meaning for us today--we are primarily a repro shop.  But for me there's extra excitement.  You know how those knitters and crocheters do group projects and when people turn in their squares, someone just whips them together and they're done?  And how when quilters do it, some poor fool has to put them together, sandwich them, baste them, quilt them and bind the quilt? Thanks to a wonderful lady called Pam Weeks, who is a member of the American Quilt Study Group, and a guy called Don Beld, we quilters have an introduction to a method over 150 years old: the pot holder quilt.   
     We got this lovely book at the shop about a week ago and I'm totally nuts about it.  

You piece, quilt and bind your block and when they're all done, you whip stitch them together.  You're done!  I finished one block and left it at the shop for you guys to check out. 

     I've got 3 more pieced, one of which is half quilted, and I'm so excited!  If you get tired of it, you can stop at any time and still have something to show for it, even if it's only one block to frame!  And it's historically correct to machine piece and machine quilt them! And it's an easy way to practice your machine quilting on something small and end up with a full size quilt.
     The girls are busily cutting kits for the blocks and you can get them one, three or as many at a time as you'd like.  Next week we're going to set a time for a group sew in and get together.  We have a few of the books available.  You can reserve yours now by calling the shop, or just add your name to the list of those wanting to be a "blockhead".   The book is a great read with great picture sand patterns, but you don't need it to get in on the sewing fun.
  Oh, and yes, I'm back--hives under control, knee is good and shingles are gone.  Yeah me!
  We're going to try to set up an early evening sewing group for you guys who work days-   5-6:30 ish  one Wednesday a month.  We'll let you know when.  Let us know if you're interested.  No fee, just fun.
Hope to see you soon.  
the other Linda

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