Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Toes in the Sand

Despite the lovely cool temperatures, it is still Summer.  We're also thinking ahead to next year.  So in September we're starting a blocks of the month called "Toes in the Sand" (they're really pieced triangles). You can check out the original picture on We're doing it in other colors, of course:
Yes, there are a lot more blocks to add to this.  I just don't have it put together yet.  This is just to give  you a taste.  I only have 4 more "blocks" to do, then I can start piecing it together.  The loose blocks that are done will be in the shop at least until next week if you want to check them all out. 
  To sign up for the block of the month, you'll need the book, the starter pack (setting and border fabric)  and the first month fabric pack.  There is an optional ruler, and life really is easy with it, but it's not a necessity.  We're offering a free "getting started" class September 4 (Wed) from 10-12 or 2-4.  You'll need to call to reserve your space.  No sewing involved, I'll walk you through the patterns, point out any possible issues and where I made all my mistakes, demo the ruler, and get you so excited you'll be sewing as soon as you get home!
   If you're interested, call the shop for pricing and sign ups.  This is the perfect project if you're in a slump and nothing really sounds exciting.  Watching the fabrics interact with each other is so motivating.  It's like eating potato chips--can't do just one.  And there's flexibility in that you can choose a different setting fabric and move some of the colors in the blocks around.  It's your sandy toes, after all!
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