Friday, July 23, 2010

shop hop

Well, the shop is clean and full of fabric, patterns, books, kits and bundles waiting for all the Central Ohio Shop Hoppers! If you don't have your passport yet, it's not too late. Just pop into one of the participating shop hop stores, buy your passport and you're eligible for all the wonderful specials the shops are offering.

Our special is 20% off all kits and bundles! We've got lots of kits, both quick and easy and intricate and absorbing. There are even a few at 30% off.
We're working to get our primitive apron pattern here, and there is a new stamp for 1" hexagons coming soon. We'll let all of you people who loved the apple core stamp know as soon as it comes in.
By the way, I'm Linda Wolfe and I'll be in on Wednesdays helping out here and there. I've been quilting since about '76 and have made tons of mistakes, so I can hopefully help you avoid making the same ones. We'll all be posting things now and we'll try and keep you well informed about all the things you need (either physically or emotionally). We hope you'll stop by often and share a smile.

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