Monday, August 2, 2010

hexie progress

I can't focus.  There, I've said it.  Any new project that I see, think about, might think about, never gave a second thought to til now.....all distracting.  And tempting.  And I succumb.                                                                            When I finished that table
topper, I knew I had to keep making more hexagons.  So, I started a table runner. I got maybe 20% done with that and I said, maybe a little pincushion would be fun.  The pincushion is almost done, I'm dying to get back to the table runner, but last Wednesday at the shop I started pulling fabrics for a star applique quilt from the new Blackbird Designs book, Country Inn.                                                                          These hexagons with the rubber stamp are sooo easy and accurate.  Things lay perfectly flat!  Check this out:

If you haven't used the rubber stamps before, nothing could be easier.  First, there's just the stamp, the ink pad and the fabric.  Stamp on the wrong side of the fabric, cut on the cutting lines (a good thing to do in front of the TV when you have to keep "Mr. Wonderful"  company.  Then, when you're ready, just sew on the sewing lines.  They're all exactly the same, no need to think about it.  You can even "chain piece" if you'd like":  sew a seam, don't cut, turn the fabric, sew the next seam.    I fan the seam allowances out at the intersections to decrease the bulk for quilting.  Yes, we've got these in the shop and they're ready to go.  Beware.  They're contagious.
Well, I guess I better get back to actually sewing.  I need to make more progress if I'm thinking of getting that fabric this week when I go into the shop!  (Blinders, I need blinders.)
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