Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to Inklingo!

See the lovely new button to your right?  Yes, the one that says "Inklingo".  If you've never gone there before, let me tell you, it's a whole new world that will make your quilting world so much easier and stress free.  What do most of us like least about quilting?  For me, it's the templates, the marking, worrying if all of the marks are the same, planning the placement on the fabric for the most efficient and economical use of the fabric, and knowing I'll probably blow one or more of these issues.  No more.  And this isn't just for hand piecing.  It makes machine piecing so much more accurate, too.  You can still use your rotary cutter for efficient cutting.  You can make the most perfect HST ever, without any drawing, tape or paper.  And things come out so beautifully! 
    When you first look at the web site, it seems to be a little overwhelming--at least it did to me.  Take it step by step.  First, check out the freebies.  You even get to try it out free before you buy anything!  And Linda Franz is a peach!  She and her group of addicted Inklingologists are always ready to help.  After you check out the freebies, join the yahoo group.  Check out the photos.  Get inspired.  Then go to the website and check out the "Support and Goodies" list.  There is a ton of information there.  Then, come see US--well, right now, specifically, the other Linda, on a Wed. or call on a Wed and I'll try to answer your questions.  I've been using Inklingo for about 6 months now, and have absolutely gorgeous points!
I'm doing projects that I would never have considered before as too daunting.
   We'll be having some demos soon.  If there are any specific times that are better for you, let us know and we'll try to arrange something for you.  I'll have some samples at the shop this Wednesday, and will leave them there, so you can check them out.  Would you believe a Pickle Dish Clamshell pattern? 
    No, we're not using it to the exclusion of all the other methods you've come to depend on from us.  It's just one more way to do things, and it works for some of us.
   Well, I have to go sew now----with my inklingo.
 the other Linda

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