Monday, December 13, 2010

bits and pieces

After typing in the title, I thought, that's what all this quilting is, isn't it.  So much for profound. 
Three weeks of BAD alllergies, 5 weeks of a BAD cold and a week of sick dog, but I managed to get a few things done in the fog.  Some things I just don't remember.
We're working on a "few" special things for the new year:  yearly seasonal quilts, projects for the Spring Fling, the shop hop and already we're planning for next year's Christmas celebration and our Open Houses! 
We want to do a yearly Red and Green Quilt.  Great for the holidays, sure, but gorgeous all year 'round.
We're starting with the red and green 4 square applique table topper we have now.  There are a limited number of those kits left in the shop, so get them while you can.  Did I say these would be limited editions?  I'll have a picture on Thursday for sure. 
Here is a sneak peek at the Valentine project:
See the cross stitch?  If you haven't used waste canvas before, here's a great opportunity to try it.  Baste your waste canvas to where you want to do your cross stitching.  Cross stitch your chart, just as you would for any even weave fabric.  Then... remove the waste canvas.  How?  I have pictures!!
Take the fabric to the sink and get the canvas good and wet with cold water to wash out the sizing in the waste canvas. 
Pull out the threads from the smallest distance: here it's the horizontal threads.  You can use your fingers or tweezers.

When all the horizontal threads are out, it's time for the rest.
Press from the wrong side on a padded surface, and you're ready to go.  Easy peasy.
As soon as I have the quilting done, I'll post a picture of the whole thing.  It's a reproduction of an old valentine.  Fun!
Because we're having web site issues, your best source of news will be this blog for the immediate future, along with emails that Cindy will be sending out. Please check back often.  I'll try to keep it interesting!
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