Thursday, December 16, 2010

valentines in the air and the Christmas tree is still up

Yes, we're pulling fabric for a valentine project:
And you say, what can it be?  To which I respond: You'll have to wait til January--but it's quick and so cute and un-seasonal, but it works.
Remember I told you I'd have pictures of the new, annual red and green quilt we're doing?  Well, I remembered.  Yeah, it surprised me, too.There are still a few kits left, and that's the only way to get the pattern. 
We also have a few of the pointsettia kits left.  These come in 2 color options.  If you get one for Christmas this year, you could start it Christmas day and have it ready next year!
Cindy's sending out an email soon with the holiday hours listed.  Be sure your loved ones are aware we're closing at noon on Christmas Eve day. 
We'll be starting our annual  Red and Green quilt # 2, in a limited edition (a three parter this year--and starting early) in late January or early February.  So, check back often.  merry, merry & happy, happy!
the other linda

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  1. I love that quilt !! It's beautiful. Love the red and the green:)

    Merry Christmas!