Saturday, April 2, 2011

Doll Quilt Group and Current projects

The first meeting of the Doll Quilt Group was so much fun, we're adding another session.  In addition to the one that meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, we'll now have a second one on the 4th Wednesday of the month. We're even plan on moving the class to the wool room, so we have more space.   The  Wed group is full, but if you'd like to come to the 4th Wed group, call soon and save your place.  We did one of the quilts from Kathleen Tracy's Civil War Sewing Circle, and the next one is from there, also.  We picked the fabric for the kits this last Wednesday, and the pink we used is allll gone, so, the ones we have, are the ones we have.  Enough for a total of 12 people.  There will also be a small surprise free kit-let from me.  If you have the book, you're all set.  If not, we received another batch, but they seem to be going like wildfire.  The distributor hardly had any left of the new batch they got from the printer!  Cost for each meeting is only $5 plus the cost of the kit. 
   Pictures, I've got pictures!
Cindy caught Mel's addiction with this hexagon antique and now she's working on one, too.  Her machine project is coming along nicely, and we'll have a few kits for this one:
I know it doesn't look like much, now, but it'll be cool, trust me.
Linda is working on an Amish repro:
Yes, it's sitting on top of all the cut out pieces.

            Jean came back from the south, which she said wasn't all that warm, and jumped right in and did this doll quilt from the Kathleen Tracy book.  If you think we all fell in love with this little book, you're right.
And because Jean is the most efficient of us all, it's already all kitted at the shop.  We've been busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
         The good news is that the weather is getting closer to when the snow will stop, and you'll be able to travel without fear of slipping and sliding.  The bad news is on an industry level.  While we've tried very hard to keep our prices down, and not raise our prices every time a single company hits us with a price increase,  we hear from the reps that they wouldn't be surpised to see prices rising to $15/yard by the end of the year due to a baaaaddddd cotton crop and fewer farmers growing cotton.  We're going to do our best ot help everybody through this.  We're getting more solids in (slowly, but give us a chance), as they're less expensive than the prints and homespuns.  We're encouraging everybody to save a scrap from a project that can give you at least a 1 1/2" square  from it, and we'll help you find the projects that they'll work with.  Yes, we're a business, but we're also consumers.  We like to buy fabric, too. And we'd like to continue to see you through all this.  Bring in your scraps to match with a main color or  background.  We love color and fabric challenges!   
        Let us know what kind of classes you'd like.  We can schedule all kinds of things, but if they're not what you want, it doesn't matter how many we offer. Do you like technique classes? projects to be finished in class? idea sharing?  Let us know.  
And if nothing else, make sure we have your email address so you hear all about our sales--(yes, we will continue to have them :)  !) 
Well, this went on longer than I'd expected, so I'll stop.
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  1. Hi Ladies! I really enjoyed visiting your shop last Wednesday on my way to Michigan! I would have to say it is one of my all time favorites now! I will be back!!!!!!! I love my fabrics that I purchased, and I made some of the little 1/2" hexegons on the road! Hard to make tiny stitches with the bumpy road, but very fun! Thanks for making me feel right at home in your wonderful warm shop!

  2. Are you gals surviving all of the rain and flooding here in Central Ohio? Haven't seen a post in a while, hope all is ok.