Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Few New Things

Fall is definitely here, and we have some seasonal pieces and some new things for your home year-round use.

Punkins!   Aren't they cute?  
And we have the perfect companion for them:

And, do you remember I said we had a pincushion as big as your head:   Well?
Okay, so how about when it's next to a large diet? 

Told ya.

How about some old friends from our past to oversee your holiday feast?
And don't forget their friend:Cool.  
There are a few other pastoral scenes:

And although it's not the best picture of it, I did get the quilt top with the 4 trees done:

You need to come and see Mel and Linda's fabric choices--then choose your own!
Jean's been a busy bee, too. She's going to teach a class on this lovely 3-D bowtie quilt--it's so neat:
And the kits are already done up!
We've got new things coming in every other day, and we're gearing up for the Christmas Open House. Keep checking your email for notices on the dates for the Open House, our trip to Columbus to wrap up the Christmas Spree part of the shop hop, and new classes that we're still squeezing in before the holidays.
I'll be out for a few weeks.  Getting a new left knee. Come on in and see the girls so they don't have time to miss me.  I'll be back soon!
the other linda

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  1. Linda love all the new stuff cant wait to get in there and see it all in person ! hugs and prayers for a smooth surgery and a speedy recovery ! lilraggedyangie