Saturday, October 8, 2011

2011 Red and Green ...and other stuff

May I have a drum roll please...................................

PREsenting the one, the only 2011 Good Wives Co. Red and Green Quilt

 I can't believe it's done!   Okay, I still have to quilt it,'s done!
Those of you who have been working on this and waiting for the third installment, it's ready.  Call the shop, stop by or check your mail.  Sorry it took so long for this last part, but those little leaves were a bit of a challenge!  And I did design an easier vine around the center applique, so you don't have to pull out your hair--but I'd rather not be bald alone.
   If you'd like to join the insanity, we do have some additional kits available, but remember these are limited and won't be available after the end of the year.
   Just an aside here.  I cannot tell you how pleased I am with this quilt top.  If I never made another quilt top, I'd still be happy.  I really love this one.
  Now, what else is new, you ask.  Well........
              Cindy is working on a new flying geese quilt--I can't wait to see it.
              There is a puzzle ball pincushion bigger than your head!   I'll post a picture after I go to work on Wednesday.
               Already working on the 2012 Valentine Quilt--should have a picture and some sample blocks in the shop by Wednesday.   For those of you who like rubber stamps, this one's for you.  No, it's not another hexagon.
              Classes coming up:
                       Wed, Oct 12, from 1-3:  Hour glass ruler by Deb Tucker.  The woman is a genius. The class is free with a small materials fee.  You don't have to buy the ruler until you decide you like it.  Hands on class.  We've got sewing machines.  Bring your rotary cutting supplies.
                         Wed. Oct 19   from 10-12  and   1-3.  Rapid fire LeMoyne ruler by Deb Tucker.  Yes, another ruler.  Yes, you can machine piece practically perfect in every way LeMoyne stars (those are those stars made out of 8 diamonds all meeting in the center).  You've got to try it to believe it.  Same as above--free class with small materials fee and you don't have to buy the ruler until you decide you like it.  And it's hands on, bring your rotary cutting supplies.
             I (the other linda) will be out of the shop for about 4 weeks starting Oct 21--getting a new knee.  
I'll still try to keep you posted here about the new things that are happening at the shop.  If things sound a little fuzzy, it'll be because I'll have a fuzzy head, so if you have any questions, call the shop.
    Come on in and take a look around.  We still have some darling fall decorating hand made dolls, and other fun fall deco stuff, like hooked pillows, adorable carved "keep forever" jack-o-lanterns, wreaths, and lots of other stuff.  
the other linda


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  1. O Linda , I dont quilt but I sure know a beauty when I see one ! Wow amazing ! I cant wait to get into the shop for a visit and check out all your fabric ! Sending prayers your way for the new knee procedure ! hugs lilraggedyangie