Thursday, November 29, 2012

in review...

our Christmas Open house was wonderful!

Thank you to everyone that came to visit us.
We know that the weekend before Thanksgiving is a busy time and we appreciate that so many of you could stop in. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

For those who couldn't make it
or live out of town,
we have some pictures of shop the to share:
center room, mantle
fabric room, back wall
fabric room, 2nd shot

center room, register
and part of the wool /homewares room in the background

wool/homewares room toward front
(with small projects on table)
 As you can see from those pictures, we are ready for the holiday!!!

If you see something that you'd like, give us a call and we'll put it on your
Christmas list :)


  1. Beautiful shop as always! Wish I could have been there! I sure hope to come visit soon!
    Jeni, from Primtive Quilts and Projects magazine!

    1. Thanks Jeni!!! We had a wonderful time and sorry you couldn't make it.